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The portfolio of Effective PR

Full-service PR

Product PR, B2B and B2C communication, media relations, press service, press office, media trainings.

Product PR

Media relations, building an expert image of the brand.

Educational campaign

An original educational campaign carried out through a website, media, social media and participation in industry events.

Communication of trade fairs

Relations with industry-specific media, gaining media patronages and experts to act as lecturers, “Diamonds of Design” competition for interior designers.

Expert image

Media relations, building an expert image in the industry-specific media, individual cooperation with lawyers (personal branding).

B2B communication

Relations with business and HR media, building an expert image.

Corporate PR

Media relations, press kits, copy for branded materials, enrolling the company in industry-specific competitions.

B2B communication

Relations with industry-specific media, associated with the opening of a new Apsys’ shopping centre.

Crisis communication

Designing a plan of communication with the media, coordination of communication with the journalists, monitoring.

Corporate communication

Keeping the press office with the information about the company – achievements, investments, prizes and activities in the field of CSR.

Outsourcing of marketing activities

Media relations, building an expert image, social media, content management, design and production of marketing materials.

Outsourcing of marketing activities

Media relations, social media, cooperation with bloggers, design and production of marketing materials.

Communication of events

Media relations, gaining media patronages, preparing a press conference.

Communication of events

Communication plan, preparing content for the internet and media releases, dealing with journalists, organising interviews.

Communication of a concept

Media relations, securing media placements for the experts, content creation, media trainings, strategic consulting.