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The Effective PR team

Paulina Gadomska-Dzięcioł

The founder of Effective PR. For many years, she has been advising in the area of integrated marketing communication and PR. She co-creates and implements communication strategies for companies in the sectors of construction and interior design, real estate, professional services and automotive. She supports image management for individuals and companies that provide professional services, such as law firms, consultants, architects, investors and developers.

She’s engaged in promoting female entrepreneurship and sustainable development in business. The author of publications and lectures on communication of CSR projects and an Ambassador of Female Entrepreneurship in Poland.

Joanna Stankiewicz

An island of peace and balance. A master of the written word, specialising in the professional language of trade, real estate and business consulting. She’s been into public relations for more than 13 years.

Monika Pezda

An expert in building good relationships – with everyone. A perfect listener with constructive attitude to the most arduous tasks. She conducts offline and online projects for the companies operating in construction, interior design, automotive and consulting sectors. She’s keen on challenges in the area of culture and education.

Andrzej Pukos

He’s sensible and objective, though not emotionless. A volcano of creativity, producing loads of content for the construction sector. An expert in most modern technologies necessary for communication. He copes with social media with both ease and grace.

Kamila Rybikowska

A polymath and an invaluable support for the Effective PR consultants. Her specialty is keeping in direct contact with the media and institutions, as well as data acquisition and management. She acts as an editor and proofreader, but also as an office and HR manager. She is the voice of our agency – you will hear her on the phone while calling our office.