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individuals, companies and institutions

Effective PR has been present on the market since 2004. Since our funding, we’ve worked for more than 50 clients. We wrote thousands of texts. We talked to hundreds of thousands of journalists. We sent millions of e-mails. We arranged a number of meetings and interviews. We conducted public awareness campaigns and educational programmes. We organised competitions and events.

We took journalists on trips to our clients’ production plants. We performed in public. We conducted media trainings. For all these years, we met an impressive number of new people, each of whom taught us something valuable and had an impact on the present shape of our agency.


Effective PR

Effective PR supports its clients in fulfilling their needs when it comes to creating the right image.

We plan and manage communication based on dialogue with the client and commonly agreed strategy.

We aim to achieve these objectives, considering all the new factors appearing on the market, in the client’s business or in the expectations of their customers.

We care about authenticity and high quality of the messages. We love to work for the professionals who want to build their expert image by delivering valuable content to the media.

In today’s infoglut, it’s the only way to attract attention and to build brand awareness.